Criminology: Theory, Research, and Policy

  • Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc
  • 2011
  • Hardback
  • 502
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  • 3
  • 9780763766658

Criminology: Theory, Research, and Policy, Third Edition uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine and explain how and why crime occurs. Comprehensive coverage of a variety of crimes and leading criminological theories is provided and supported by new, relevant case studies. By making the connection between theory, research, and policy, this revised and updated Third Edition demonstrates the relevancy of criminological theory in the public attempt to control crime while providing justice. The emphasis on these three elements with pertinent discussions and examples is what sets this text apart from other criminology titles. New Material added to the revised and updated Third Edition: * New Cybercrime chapter provides cutting-edge information on the illegal use of computers and the internet * New Chapter dedicated to Terrorism * Includes discussion of elder abuse/crimes and human trafficking * Provides new information on White-collar crime * Updated case-studies to reflect relevant crime typologies Additional Features: * Theory in Action boxes throughout the text provide notes that relate theoretical premises to real-world cases and events.
* Each chapter contains objectives, key terms, and a detailed summary of important points. Instructor Resources: * PowerPoint slides * Test Bank * Instructor Manual with learning objectives

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