Data Science – Analytics and Applications

  • Springer Vieweg
  • 2018
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  • German
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  • 9783658192877

The iDSC Proceedings reports on state-of-the-art results in Data Science research, development and business. Topics and content of the IDSC2017 proceedings are • Reasoning and Predictive Analytics • Data Analytics in Community Networks • Data Analytics through Sentiment Analysis • User/Customer-centric Data Analytics • Data Analytics in Industrial Application Scenarios Advances in technology and changes in the business and social environment have led to an increasing flood of data, fueling both the need and the desire to generate value from these assets. The emerging field of Data Science is poised to deliver theoretical and practical solutions to the pressing issues of data-driven applications. The 1st International Data Science Conference (iDSC2017 / organized by Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Information Professionals GmbH, established a new key Data Science event, by pro viding a forum for the international exchange of Data Science technologies and applications.