Af Hughes & Dennie
  • Rodale Books
  • 2004
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  • 9781623362829

Smart, hip, funny, and frank dating advice-from the woman whose USA Weekend RelationTips column is devoured by 49 million readers every week.Just about everyone wants to be part of a couple-to be loved and be in love. Dating, a process that can be fraught with disaster, may be a necessary evil on the road to achieving a happy, fulfilling intimate relationship. But how do you eliminate the losers and find people to go out with who are dateworthy? Perhaps even more important-how do you make sure that you are dateworthy? Drawing on thousands of letters she receives through USA Weekend and the questions she fields during her live chats on, Dennie Hughes shows you how to: *;Figure out what your personal dating style is *;Stop acting in a way that will mark you as one of the Top Ten most-bound-to-be-broken-up-with dating types *;Rethink unhealthy mindsets about dating like &quote;love at first sight&quote; or &quote;being with a jerk is better than being alone&quote; *;Master the 10 First-Date Commandments *;End a bad date gracefully *;Navigate your way through the intricacies of online dating *;Determine whether a great date equals a possible mate (aka &quote;keep vs. creep potential&quote;) Featuring a Q&A section with actual RelationTips reader problems as well as the author's sometimes sad, sometimes scary, mostly humorous anecdotes from her own plentiful dating fiasco stories, Dateworthy will help you hone your relationship skills so that you can find the right significant other for you.