Death Drives an Audi

  • Parthian Books
  • 2021
  • Paperback
  • 250
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781912681327

Translated by Caroline Waight
Kristian Bang Foss' darkly comic, prize-winning road-novel
satire sees two unlikely friends set out to defy the Danish
welfare state - and Death himself - with both hilarious and
tragic consequences.
Life is looking pretty bleak for Asger. After a fiasco at work
finds him unceremoniously booted from both his advertising
job and his family home, he finds himself the carer of
Waldemar, arguably Denmark's sickest man.
Their initial days together in a Copenhagen ghetto only serve
to pile on the hopelessness. But then Waldemar hatches a
plan: fabled healer Torbi el Mekki offers a miracle cure to all
who seek an audience. Only thing is, he's in Morocco - over
two thousand miles and another continent away.
Piling into a beaten-up Volkswagen, the two set off on a zany
road trip across Europe towards a dubious salvation. But it
soon seems they may have unwanted company, for on their
tail is a pitch-black Audi...
"Tender and indignant, satiric and apocalyptic, wildly, flamingly
funny." - Weekendavisen
"With Kristian Bang Foss, the devil created the world, both nature
and culture, both the desert and the local authorities. This creates
devilish humor and poetry. It is hopelessly sad and it is damn
funny." - Politiken

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