Debt Resolution Handbook

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  • 2011
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  • 9781617929489

We have written &quote;The Debt Resolution Handbook,&quote; a step by step guide to debt reduction. We've produced an easy to follow resource designed to assist you in reducing debt through negotiation, disputing uncollectable debt, and eliminating thousands of dollars in debt by understanding and beating the legal debt collection system. We are real debt negotiators and we do this for a living; this is our day job and we take real satisfaction helping people like you win collection lawsuits against predator debt collectors and their attorneys. We have helped hundreds of people reduce their debt successfully against the collectors and attorneys that try to squeeze every penny out of our clients. You may want to read the Debt Resolution Handbook because you need to know how to deal with your creditors on your own behalf, and you want to do that without reading an encyclopedia or spending a lot of money; so, we've kept this book simple as a do-it-yourself manual; so you can take action NOW & resolve your credit collection issues.