Docker Certified Associate (DCA): Exam Guide

  • Packt Publishing Limited
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 612
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  • 9781839211898

Pass the DCA exam and enhance your DevOps skills by achieving faster deployments, reduced downtime, and continuous integration and continuous delivery

Key Features

Strengthen your knowledge of container fundamentals and exploit Docker networking, storage, and image management
Leverage Docker Swarm to deploy and scale applications in a cluster
Build your Docker skills with the help of sample questions and mock tests

Book DescriptionDevelopers have changed their deployment artifacts from application binaries to container images, and they now need to build container-based applications as containers are part of their new development workflow. This Docker book is designed to help you learn about the management and administrative tasks of the Containers as a Service (CaaS) platform.

The book starts by getting you up and running with the key concepts of containers and microservices. You'll then cover different orchestration strategies and environments, along with exploring the Docker Enterprise platform. As you advance, the book will show you how to deploy secure, production-ready, container-based applications in Docker Enterprise environments. Later, you'll delve into each Docker Enterprise component and learn all about CaaS management. Throughout the book, you'll encounter important exam-specific topics, along with sample questions and detailed answers that will help you prepare effectively for the exam.

By the end of this Docker containers book, you'll have learned how to efficiently deploy and manage container-based environments in production, and you will have the skills and knowledge you need to pass the DCA exam.

What you will learn

Understand the key concepts of containerization and its advantages
Discover how to build secure images and run customized Docker containers
Explore orchestration with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
Become well versed with networking and application publishing methods
Understand the Docker container runtime environment and customizations
Deploy services on Docker Enterprise with Universal Control Plane
Get to grips with effectively managing images using Docker Trusted Registry

Who this book is forIf you are a system administrator, a developer, a DevOps engineer, or any professional interested in enhancing your career portfolio by gaining Docker certification, this book is for you. In order to understand container networking and the use of load balancers and proxies to provide a full-featured Containers-as-a-Service environment, Linux and Windows user knowledge with some networking skills will be necessary.

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