• Nova Science Publishers Inc
  • 2014
  • Hardback
  • 138
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  • 9781633219694

Drug Control in the United States


The 2014 National Drug Control Strategy builds on the foundation laid down by the Administration's previous four Strategies and serves as the Nation's blueprint for reducing drug use and its consequences. Continuing a collaborative, balanced, and science-based approach, the new Strategy provides a review of the progress made over the past four years. It also looks ahead to continuing efforts to reform, rebalance, and renew national drug control policy to address the public health and safety challenges of the 21st century. The strategy is rooted in the belief that illicit drug use is a public health issue, not just a criminal justice problem. It calls on law enforcement, courts, and doctors to collaborate with each other and for healthcare providers to prevent and treat addictive disorders just like they would treat any other chronic disorder, like diabetes or heart disease. This book discusses the 2014 National Drug Control Strategy and functions as a guide for shaping Federal policy, to stop drug production and trafficking, prevent drug use, and provide care for those who are addicted.

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