Drunk Mom

  • Penguin Books
  • 2014
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  • eng
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  • 9780698156395

';An intense, complex and disturbing story, bravely and beautifully told. I readDrunk Momwith my jaw on the floor, which doesn't happen to me that often.'Lena DunhamThree years after giving up drinking, Jowita Bydlowska found herself throwing back a glass of champagne like it was ginger ale. It was a special occasion: a party celebrating the birth of her first child. It also marked Bydlowska's immediate, full-blown return to crippling alcoholism.In the gritty and sometimes grimly comic tradition of the bestselling memoirsLitby Mary Karr andSmashedby Koren Zailckas,Drunk Momis Bydlowska's account of the ways substance abuse took control of her lifethe binges and blackouts, the humiliations, the extraordinary risk-takingas well as her fight toward recovery as a young mother. This courageous memoir brilliantly shines a light on the twisted logic of an addicted mind and the powerful, transformative love of one's child. Ultimately it gives hope, especially to those struggling in the same way.