Dynamic Management of Sustainable Development

  • Springer London Ltd
  • 2011
  • Hardback
  • 164
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  • 9780857290557

Dynamic management of systems development is a precondition for the realization of sustainable system development. This approach allows for the usage of systems theory methods that take into consideration the interaction of decisions made over time and space. A characteristic feature of this kind of method is that the process of sophisticated object development over time is examined for optimal decision selection. This requires the application of modelling methods that represent properties of the developing objects, high speed calculation methods for the estimation of technical and economic characteristics, as well as effective optimization methods.

Dynamic Management of Sustainable Development presents a concise summary of the authors' research in the area of dynamic methods analysis of technical systems development. Along with systematic illustration of mathematical methods, considerable attention is drawn to practical realization and applications.

Dynamic Management of Sustainable Development will be helpful for scientists involved in the mathematical modelling of large technical systems development and for engineers working in the area of large technical systems planning.

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