East Alton

  • Arcadia Publishing
  • 2017
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  • 9781439660911

East Alton has a long and proud history. From the earliest settlement, Beeman's (Benen) Fort, in 1811, the village of East Alton has long been an industrial powerhouse. The home of Olin Corporation's Winchester Division, East Alton's industrial production played an important part in winning both world wars. East Alton shared a synergistic growth with Olin Corporation. Having all the trappings of a company town, it somehow transcended this to become a thriving diverse community, filled with a dedicated citizenry, strong schools, generous communities of faith, and a guiding government. East Alton's incorporation in 1893 was just four years before this country's first economic depression, the Depression of 1897. Overcoming economic challenges and fostering growth has enabled the village not only to survive but also to succeed.