Easy Electronics

Af Platt & Charles
  • Make Community, LLC
  • 2017
  • 56
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781680454475

This is the simplest, quickest, least technical, most affordable introduction to basic electronics. No tools are necessary--not even a screwdriver. Easy Electronics should satisfy anyone who has felt frustrated by entry-level books that are not as clear and simple as they are supposed to be.Brilliantly clear graphics will take you step by step through 12 basic projects, none of which should take more than half an hour. Using alligator clips to connect components, you see and hear immediateresults. The hands-on approach is fun and intriguing, especially for family members exploring the projects together.The 12 experiments will introduce you to switches, resistors, capacitors, transistors, phototransistors, LEDs, audio transducers, and a silicon chip. You'll even learn how to read schematics by comparing them with the circuits that you build.No prior knowledge is required, and no math is involved. You learn by seeing, hearing, and touching. By the end of Experiment 12, you may be eager to move on to a more detailed book. Easy Electronics will function perfectly as a prequel to the same author's bestseller, Make: Electronics.All the components listed in the book are inexpensive and readily available from online sellers. A very affordable kit has been developed in conjunction with the book to eliminate the chore of shopping for separate parts. A QR code inside the book will take you to the vendor's web site.Concepts include:Transistor as a switch or an amplifierPhototransistor to function as an alarmCapacitor to store and release electricityTransducer to create sounds from a timerResistor codesA miniature light bulb to display voltageThe inner workings of a switchUsing batteries and resistors in series and parallelCreating sounds by the pressure of your fingerMaking a matchbox that beeps when you touch itAnd more. Grab your copy and start experimenting!