Elysium Warriors and the Banished Star

Af Harris & Bambi
  • iUniverse
  • 2013
  • 246
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781475996852

Penny Lane has lived in her new world, Elysium Sphere for over a year now. She has left her death far behind her and now rules alongside her handsome soulmate, Avery.The residents, made up of aliens, ancients and angels, are all slowly settling in to their new roles as assistants to Earth's replacement, Virtus.Peace seems to fill the air until one day Penny wakes with a feeling of dread, and her intuition is always right. That very day she bumps into one of her dearest friend's brothers and soon discovers it is Lucifer and he wants her to help him in his quest. Though he is not the evil monster he has been portrayed as, he also does not have anyone's best interest at heart except his own. Having been forced to return to the afterlife after Earth was destroyed, he has nowhere to go and he is not going to surrender lightly. With the cherubim and seraphim not agreeing to his demands, Lucifer is eager to start a war and Elysium Sphere is where he takes his army! Penny and her dear friends, Roy, Eric, Pauline, and Jeremiah are joined by many allies to engage in a quickly organized war. For the first time Penny faces the potential loss of those she holds dearest and the destruction of her new world. Elysium Warriors and the Banished Star is the second book of The Elysium Scrolls and is continues The Afterlife Series in a time of permanent change that is both solemn and inspiring.