Emotions, advertising and consumer choice

  • CBS Press
  • 2020
  • Elektronisk medie
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  • English
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  • 9788763099882

Emotions, Advertising and Consumer Choice focuses on recent neurological and psychological in-sights - originating from brain scanning or neurological experiments - on basic emotional processes in the brain and their role in controlling human behaviour. These insights are translated by the authors to cover the behaviour of ordinary individuals in every-day life.

The authors look at these developments in the light of traditional cognitive theories of consumer choice and discuss the implications for advertising and other communication testing.

The book offers a first time thorough review of contemporary thinking in the field of consumer behaviour and an exhaustive amount of empirical evidence to support the authors' notion of an emerging paradigm of emotionally based consumer choice where mental brand equity becomes a central phenomenon.

The empirical evidence is to a large extent developed on a questionnaire-based measurement method, pioneered by the authors and by researchers at the Center for Marketing Communication at the Copenhagen Business School.