Energy and Protein Requirements of Ruminants

  • CABI Publishing
  • 1993
  • Paperback
  • 176
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  • 1
  • 9780851988511

This book is an officially authorised advisory manual that implements the recommendations on the energy and protein requirements of cattle, sheep and goats made by the AFRC Technical Committee on Responses to Nutrients (TCORN) since its establishment in 1982. TCORN has produced a series of numbered reports including No. 5 in 1990 on 'Nutrient Requirements on Ruminant Animals: Energy' and in 1992, No. 9 'Nutrient Requirements of Ruminant Animals: Protein'. The former recommended, with only minor modifications, the adoption of the AFRC's 1980 Technical Review's full recommendations on energy requirements of ruminants, while the latter recommended the adoption of a protein system based on Metabolisable Protein as the unit. Opportunity has been taken to include material from TCORN Report No. 8, 1991 on the 'Voluntary Intake of Silage by Cattle' and from an unpublished TCORN Report on the 'Nutrition of Goats'. The current volume presents these recommendations in a practical form designed for use by advisors, farmers, lecturers, research workers and students concerned with the nutrition of ruminant animals. The manual includes 45 tables of requirements (incorporating agreed safety margins) and 29 example diets.

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