English Kalendars

  • Henry Bradshaw Society
  • 2009
  • Paperback
  • 282
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  • 9781870252539

English Kalendars before A.D. 1100contains full editionf of twenty Anglo-Saxon liturgical Kalendars. Because it was the nature of each Church's kalendar to reflect the individual feasts and saints which were venerated at that church, kalendars are invariably the most precious witnesses to the worship of individual Anglo-Saxon churches. Furthermore, because the individual feasts and saints often permit the localisation of manuscript-kalendars, and because these kalendars are usually accompanied by computistical tables which permit them to be dated, they are the bedrock upon which the dating and localisation of all Anglo-Saxon manuscripts is based. And because they usually attracted the recording of obits of important men and women in their margins, kalendars are an important source of information for historians.

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