Entrepreneurship Skills for New Ventures

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 450
  • English
  • 4
  • 9780367358419

As business schools expand their entrepreneurship programs and organizations seek people with entrepreneurial skills, it has become clear that the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur are highly valued in all business contexts. This latest edition of Entrepreneurship Skills for New Ventures continues to focus on helping students develop entrepreneurial skills, whether they seek to become entrepreneurs or employees.

Focusing on the entrepreneurial start-up process, the fourth edition of Entrepreneurship Skills for New Ventures takes the reader through the steps of selecting, planning, financing, and controlling the new venture. The authors cover multiple forms of new ventures, as well as ways to utilize entrepreneurial skills in other contexts, encouraging students to engage with the material and apply it to their lives in ways that make sense for them. Skill development features include:

New exercise on analyzing the lean entrepreneurship option

Entrepreneurial profiles of small-business owners

Personal applications for students to apply questions to their new venture or a current business

Global and domestic cases

Elevator pitch assignments that put students in the venture capitalist position

Application exercises and situations covering specific text concepts

Business plan prompts to help students construct a business plan over the course of a semester

Featuring pedagogical tools like review questions and learning outcomes, as well as online materials that expand upon skill development and offer instructor resources, the fourth edition of Entrepreneurship Skills for New Ventures is the perfect resource for instructors and students of entrepreneurship.

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