Essential Topics in Basketball

  • Nova Science Publishers Inc
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 111
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  • 9781536180473

Economic globalisation refers to the notion of mobility. In basketball, just as in other team sports, competitions are associated with a specific territorial space. Through a comparison between United States and Europe, this compilation explores the issue of the perimeter of the competition area in the new economic environment. The authors discuss the different pedagogical models that basketball coaches can apply to promote the development of an all-around player during practice sessions. The "sport education", "teaching games for understanding", "cooperative learning", and "teaching personal and social responsibility" models are discussed and analyzed from a basketball coaching perspective. The relationship between rookie players' physical abilities on the Pre-Draft Combine and basketball performance in offense and defense in the first NBA season is assessed. The results highlight the importance of basic speed, speed strength and strength endurance. The concluding study tests the basic and specific indicators, in terms of differences, in estimating the isometric rate of force development for leg extensors in the context of a playing position in basketball. Sixty-eight basketball players performed a standardized "isometric leg press" test to assess the characteristics of isometric force from their leg extensors.

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