Exploring Cross-Cultural Issues and Challenges

  • Nova Science Publishers Inc
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 202
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  • 9781536180404

The mission of this book is the advancing of scholarly inquiry in the wide frame of different disciplines. Its objectives are threefold. First, according to a multidisciplinary perspective, it collects high-quality researches that could be of interest to experts and novices. In particular, progress in Education, Language Learning, Content Analytics, Marketing, Mathematics and Art, Archaeology, Elearning, Social Behaviors in Cognitive Cities Environments, and Urban Planning is investigated. Second, it delineates the challenges in the areas, specifying the difficulties and opportunities for future research. Third, it provides reliable resources regarding current methodological of leading-edge research, useful to a wide audience including not only researchers but also policy-makers, teachers and students. The book consists of four sections, each comprising a different number of chapters. Starting with the field of education, one of the topic on the top of priority list of many countries in the world, the first section constitutes a significant contribution to the on-going discussion about learning. The second section focuses on Content Analytics and Social Behaviors, while the third one deals with the relationship between Marketing Competitiveness and Culture Use Value. Finally, fourth section examines the problem of new models of urban planning and design in relation to the engagement of citizens.

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