Family Betrayal & Murder

Af Winer & Steven
  • Xlibris US
  • 2020
  • 268
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781664145139

Duncan Squires died in the emergency room of a local hospital in April, 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Duncan Squires, who was the retired CEO and Chairman of the Board of a Fortune 500 company was rushed to the local hospital from his home in Fort Myers, Florida, where he was ignored while the understaffed medical personnel took care of those who were infected with the virus. The CEO was 85 years old with a history of heart problems. He died without any examination, but his death certificate, signed by one of the doctors on call, stated the cause of death as a heart attack. Squires had two ex-wives, was currently married, and had 5 children between the three wives, multiple grandchildren and several illegitimate children and grandchildren. He was buried the next day after his death by his current wife with only her present at the funeral. His estate was worth over $600 million. Squires had stopped supporting one of the woman with whom he had a weekend fling 20 years prior to his death. in Miami, while at a conference. That affair produced an illegitimate daughter, Alexia Weston, who at the age of 19 came to Fort Myers to confront her father about him stopping her mother's monthly support. While in Fort Myers, Alexia Weston was raped and murdered by a man whose DNA was a familial match to a member of the Squires family. She was murdered 4 days before Duncan Squires died, for reasons unknown to the Squires' family and the police authorities due to the fact that the Squires' family was unaware of Alexia's existence. The investigation into Alexia Weston's murder, discovered that Duncan Squires was also murdered causing a Judge to approve an Order for the exhumation of Squires' body. This book takes the reader into Duncan Squires' rise to his position of CEO and Chairman of his company, the narrative of his wives, children and affairs and the accumulation of his wealth. It sets forth the mystery, of not only who committed the two murders, but also the betrayals among family members, legitimate and illegitimate, as to whom was entitled to the CEO's large estate. It combines the significance of the interaction between all three wives, their children, grandchildren and their attorneys as to why a large portion of Squires' estate was allocated to his illegitimate children and grandchildren. The betrayals as between the Squires' family members intensifies the mystery as to whom may have committed the murders.