Farm Management in Peasant Agriculture

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2019
  • Hardback
  • 484
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  • 9780367019778

First published in 1972, Farm Management in Peasant Agriculture remains the only detailed discussion of on-site research techniques for economists working on the development of small-holder agriculture in Africa. Part 1 describes the conditions of the agricultural sector within which the African peasant farmer must operate, and then outlines an approach to farm management tailored to those conditions. Part 2 sets out the research planning and investigation tasks implied by the approach. Survey techniques, as well as the value of a pre-survey for understanding general attributes of a farm system, are reviewed, and alternative data-collection methods are elaborated. Part 3 shows how research data can be used in planning content for extension programs. Dr. Collinson concludes with the details of a planning method that interpolates changes in farm practice into a model of the existing farm system and that projects a sequence of changes, representing a sequence of extension content, on the basis of farmer acceptability.

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