Flamingo Who Hated Pink

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  • 2016
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  • eng
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  • 9781326812560

About the bookHave you ever had to wear an outfit you hated? Try wearing the same one every day!Poor Kimmu the flamingo, he hates wearing pink. Join him on his journey across Africa as he makes friends, escapes crocodiles and realises a very important lesson, it's best to be yourself. Do you love hippos, lions, zebras and elephants? Then this is the book for you. Help Kimmu find his way home and work out why he is so amazing. If you're lucky, he'll be home and safe just in time for bedtime. About the authorMadeleine works as a Digital Marketing Manager in trade publishing and has self-published eight fiction titles. Her adult titles include the bestselling e-book 'Murder in Barcelona.' She has also published children's titles such as the number one bestseller in children's elephant books on Amazon, 'The Flamingo who Hated Pink.'You can find out more information about Madeleine and her books at binniestories.com.