• Pinnacle Books
  • 2013
  • Elektronisk medie
  • 384
  • eng
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  • 9780786032624

He's a man with a flintlock rifle in his holster and justice in his blood. First in the series from the USA Today bestselling author. He is brave, tough as leather, and has left behind a trail of deadly enemiesoutlaws he's hunted down or killed with the cold heart of a man used to violence. A feared bounty hunter and the scourge of bad men everywhere, Flintlock carries an ancient Hawken muzzle-loader, handed down to him from the mountain man who raised him. He stands as the towering hero of a new Johnstone saga.Blood Quest Busted out of prison by an outlaw friend, Flintlock joins a hunt for a fortunea golden bell hanging in a remote monastery. But between the smoldering ruin of his former jail cell and a treasure in the Arizona mountains there will be blood at a U.S. Army fort, a horrifying brush with Apache warriors, and a dozen bloody showdowns with the schemers, shootists, madmen, and lost women who find their way to Flintlock's side. From a vicious, superstitious owlhoot to the great Geronimo himself, Flintlock meets the frontier's most murderous hardcasesmany who he must find a way to kill . . . Praise for the novels of William W. Johnstone ';[A] rousing, two-fisted saga of the growing American frontier.'Publishers Weekly on Eyes of Eagles ';There's plenty of gunplay and fast-paced action as this old-time hero proves again that a steady eye and quick reflexes are the keys to survival on the Western frontier.'Curled Up with a Good Book on Dead Before Sundown