Fundamentals of Nursing: Clinical Skills Workbook - E-Book

  • Mosby Australia
  • 2020
  • 520
  • eng
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  • 9780729585651

Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical Skills Workbook 3rd edition is an indispensable tool that will assist you in mastering the clinical skills that are essential in becoming a confident, effective and agile nurse.Each skill has been fully revised to align to the updated skills in Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing 5th edition, with the addition of 11 new skills to reflect contemporary nursing practice. This 3rd edition continues to support student nurses in building their clinical knowledge and practice through clear instructions, thorough assessment tools and reflective learning.78 Clinical Skills linking applied nursing skills to effective clinical practice, each featuring: - An overview of each skill, containing rationales to help understand how and why the skill is performed - A focus on therapeutic relationships and patient considerations, reminding students that the patient is central to care provision - Equipment checklist - A step-by-step approach, clearly explaining how to perform each skill - Critical decision points, alerting students to critical steps to ensure quality and safety in patient care - Competency checklist, providing a valuable tool for assessment, including the five-point Bondy Rating Scale - Reflection opportunity at the end of each Competency checklist to encourage learningDirectly aligned to Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing 5eAligned to the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice, 2016 (AUS) and Competencies for Registered Nurses, 2007 (NZ)11 new skills, including patient handover, making a postoperative bed, assessment of fluid status, and assessment and management of the deteriorating patientThree additional skills (not featured in the main text): - Pouching a urostomy - Regulating CVC intravenous flow rate - CVC dressing change and flush