Global Ideas

  • CBS Press
  • 2020
  • E-bog
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  • English
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  • 9788763003025

While this book can be seen as joining the discussion on globalization and its paradoxical character, it is unique in its rich collection of cases and its frame of reference consisting of a combination of organization theory, new institutionalism and sociology of translation.

The focus is not so much on organizations but on organizing, which is global both in its scope and in its imitation of global models.

This book shows what is travelling and how; it moves between countries and disciplines.

Advances in Organization Studies, Vol. 13 Series editors: Stewart R. Clegg & Ralph E. Stablein

Advances in Organization Studies is a channel for cutting edge theoretical and empirical works of high quality, that contributes to the field of organizational studies.

The series welcomes thought-provoking ideas, new perspectives and neglected topics from researchers within a wide range of disciplines and geographical locations.