Good on Paper

Af Cantor & Rachel
  • Melville House
  • 2016
  • 0
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781612194714

THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SECOND NOVEL FROM THE WRITER EMILY ST. JOHN MANDEL (STATION ELEVEN) CALLS ';SHARP, WITTY, AND IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING'Is a new life possible? Because Shira Greene's life hasn't quite turned out as planned. She's a single mom living withher daughter and her gay friend, Ahmad.Her PhD on Dante'sVita Nuovahasn't gotten her a job, and her career as a translator hasn't exactly taken offeither.But then she gets a call from aNobel Prize-winning Italian poet who insistsshe's the only one who cantranslatehis newest book.Stunned, Shira realizes thatjust like that her lifecan change.She seesa new beginning beckoning:academic glory,demand for her translations,and even love (her good luck has made her feel more open to theentreaties of a neighborhood indie bookstore owner).There's only one problem: It all hinges on the translation, and as Shira starts working on theexquisitely intricate passages of the poet's book, she realizes that it may in fact be, well ... impossible to translate.A deft, funny, and big-hearted novel about second chances,Good on Paperis a grand novel of family, friendship, and possibility.