Great Big Agile

  • APress
  • 2018
  • Paperback
  • 335
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  • 9781484242056

Big Agile leaders need an empirical, "high-trust" model that provides guidance for scaling and sustaining agility and capability throughout a modern technology organization. This book presents the Agile Performance Holarchy (APH)-a "how-ability" model that provides agile leaders and teams with an operating system to build, evaluate, and sustain great agile habits and behaviors. The APH is an organizational operating system based on a set of interdependent, self-organizing circles, or holons, that reflect the empirical, object-oriented nature of agility.

As more companies seek the benefits of Agile within and beyond IT, agile leaders need to build and sustain capability while scaling agility-no easy task-and they need to succeed without introducing unnecessary process and overhead. The APH is drawn from lessons learned while observing and assessing hundreds of agile companies and teams.

It is not a process or a hierarchy, but a holarchy, a series of performance circles with embedded and interdependent holons that reflect the behaviors of high-performing agile organizations. Great Big Agile provides implementation guidance in the areas of leadership, values, teaming, visioning, governing, building, supporting, and engaging within an all-agile organization.

What You'll Learn

Model the behaviors of a high-performance agile organization
Benefit from lessons learned by other organizations that have succeeded with Big Agile
Assess your level of agility with the Agile Performance Holarchy

Apply the APH model to your business

Understand the APH performance circles, holons, objectives, and actions

Obtain certification for your company, organization, or agency

Who This Book Is For

Professionals leading, or seeking to lead, an agile organization who wish to use an innovative model to raise their organization's agile performance from one level to the next, all the way to mastery

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