Great Lover Playbook

Af Paget & Lou
  • Avery
  • 2005
  • 0
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781440684999

From the author of three international bestsellers comes a sexual playbook for both men and women that goes a scintillating step further. If her other books were about seduction, The Great Lover Playbook is about keeping the sizzle alive in a relationship 365 days a year, whether you've been together four weeks or forty years. With one tip or technique for each day of the year, Lou provides refreshing perspectives on a variety of subjects, including:* Uncovering the link between healthy relationships and a healthy sex life* Building and maintaining an attitude towards sex that's open and curious and committed to passion--forever* Revealing what men and women really want on a day to day basis to keep the sexual energy alive* Lou's most popular techniques for hot foreplay, and pleasing your partner in various positions* A section devoted to exploring and fulfilling your sexual fantasies, role playing, and how to use all sorts of toys* Frequently asked questions, facts, and information to help you explore your individual sexualityWith step-by-step instructional drawings to enhance the techniques, and Lou's signature style that combines frankness with a keen sense of humor, The Great Lover Playbook will inspire you to sustain the passion in your relationships, and keep that sense of seduction alive for the long term.