Af Craig & David
  • Original Book Company
  • 2012
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  • eng
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  • 9781872188102

The stench of greed is engulfing all our once-admired institutions. Business bosses pocket millions for even the most dismal performance. Bureaucrats pay themselves eye-watering amounts, while wasting billions of our money. Multimillionaire bankers lie, steal our money, rig interest rates and wreck our banks. Politicians and peers fiddle even more from their expenses than before the expenses scandal broke.Everything that once made Britain admired in the world - our sense of fair play, our decency, our tolerance, our democracy - has been cynically trampled in the mud by our self-serving, grasping ruling elites. And while our masters loot ever more of our money for themselves, they preach to us about the need for austerity, cutbacks and sacrifices.Greed Unlimited exposes how our voracious, selfish elites have made fools of us all and looks at how we can fight back against the rapacity of those who have so much power over us.