A Guide to the Formulation of Plans and Goals in Occupational Therapy

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 242
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  • 9780367494704

This practical guide for occupational therapists introduces a tried and tested method for moving from assessment to intervention, by formulating plans and measurable goals using the influential Model of Human occupation (MOHO).

Section 1 introduces the concept of formulation - where it comes from, what it involves, why it is important, and how assessment information can be guided by theoretical frameworks and organised into a flowing narrative. Section 2 provides specific instructions for constructing occupational formulations using the Model of Human Occupation. In addition, a radically new way for creating aspirational goals is introduced - based on a simple acronym - which will enable occupational therapists to measure sustained changes rather than single actions. Section 3 presents 20 example occupational formulations and goals, from a wide range of mental health, physical health and learning disability settings, as well as a prison service, and services for homeless people and asylum seekers.

Designed for practising occupational therapists and occupational students, this is an essential introduction for all those who are looking for an effective way to formulate plans and goals based on the Model of Human Occupation.

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