Handbook of Analytical Techniques for Forensic Samples

  • Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 452
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  • 9780128223000

Handbook of Analytical Techniques for Forensic Samples: Current and Emerging Developments discusses in detail the current trends and latest analytical techniques and methods commonly employed in forensic analysis in order to ensure the proper facilitation of justice. This book is useful for readers who wish to stay updated on the latest trends in the forensic analysis of samples encountered at crime scenes. Technological advancements, such as biosensors, nanotechnology, and taggant technology have upped the level of analysis in forensic science. These emergent technologies, incorporated with existing analytical techniques, are leading to more precise, accurate, and specific examination of forensic samples. Lab-on-a-chip technology has also eased several kinds of on-site analyses done by investigating teams at different types of crime scenes. This book covers the evolution of forensic sample analysis as well as these emerging trends and new technologies.

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