A Handbook for Language Detectives

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  • 2012
  • Paperback
  • 460
  • eng
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  • 9788759315736

A Handbook for Language Detectives gives a thorough presentation of English grammar at bachelor level and discusses how to teach grammar.The book unveils to the readers, who will be working as grammar detectives, the fascinating world of language. It does not only deal with 'traditional grammar', but also discusses what different grammatical structures mean (semantics) and how they influence the level of style (pragmatics).Grammar should not be taught as a separate discipline; it can and should be integrated in communicative language teaching. The book gives you innovative and valuable ideas of how this can be done.The book serves a double purpose:- English grammar and language usage at bachelor level from a functional linguistic point of view. How to teach English grammar within a communicative approach.The book is mainly intended for Danish student teachers of English, but anyone else interested in teaching English grammar within an inductive and communicative approach may find it profitable.Special emphasis is given to areas that are known to be difficult for Danish learners. A Handbook for Language Detectives was awarded LÆREBOGSPRISEN in 2010.

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