Head and Neck Ultrasound, An Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics

  • Elsevier Health Sciences
  • 2010
  • Hardback
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  • 9781437718515

This publication presents topics on Head and Neck Ultrasound relevant to the Otolaryngologist. Topics include Head and ultrasound by the Otolaryngologist- why now?; Principles of Ultrasound; Head and Neck Anatomy and Ultrasound Correlation; Ultrasound Interpretation; Scanning Techniques for Head and Neck; Role of Ultrasound in Thyroid Disorders; Parathyroid localization with Ultrasound; Ultrasound-guided procedures for the office; Ultrasound in the pediatric population;� Ultrasound Applications in Trauma/military Settings; Emerging Technology in Head & Neck Ultrasound.

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