Healthcare Executive Compensation: A Guide for Leaders and Trustees

Af Bjork & David
  • Health Administration Press
  • 2012
  • 0
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  • 9781640550759

This title is also available for the Kindle and Kindle Fire. Visit for more information. Executive compensation is an issue all healthcare organizations face. This new book, written by a healthcare executive compensation expert, helps CEOs and board compensation committees deal with issues such as compensation philosophy, the structure of the executive compensation program, the balance among its components, the emphasis on pay-for-performance, and the challenges of governing executive compensation. Most chapters end with a set of related best practices. They are addressed to trustees as advice on governing executive compensation and to CEOs as advice on managing compensation for other executives. Topics covered include: Defining the level of compensation needed to attract and retain talented leaders Designing and administering incentive compensation plans-both annual and long term Deciding whether to provide perquisites to executives Structuring employment agreements and severance policies Understanding the board's or compensation committee's role in overseeing executive compensation