High Points - A Climber's Guide to Central America

  • Life Is Twisted Press
  • 2012
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  • 9780985188108

In 2009, the author successfully climbed the highest peak in each country in Central America. These climbs are part of a larger goal of being the first to climb the highest peaks/points in every one of the 23 countries of the Americas (North America, Central America, and South America). High Points: A Climber's Guide to Central America provides quick and easy access to everything you need to know to climb the highest peak in each of the seven countries in Central America, without having to buy a guidebook for each country. High Points: A Climber's Guide to Central America includes the essential information for climbing the standard (and typically easiest) route on each country high point: Doyle's Delight - 3,853' (Belize), Mogotn - 6,909' (Nicaragua), Volcn Tajumulco - 13,845'(Guatemala), Volcn Bar - 11,401' (Panama), Cerro el Pital - 8,957' (El Salvador), Cerro Las Minas - 9,347' (Honduras), Chirrip - 12,530' (Costa Rica). Reaching these high points is a scenic day hike in some cases that does not require much more than a day of hiking, a sack lunch and some comfortable walking shoes. However, in other cases, the climb requires a level of commitment and determination that rivals many peaks around the world that are much higher in elevation. In addition, given the obscurity of some of these country high points (Doyle's Delight in Belize, and Mogotn in Nicaragua for example), there are route descriptions in this guidebook that can not be found in any other books or websites on or off the market. The information is primarily from the author's first hand experience of climbing each of the mountains/routes described, and secondarily from hundreds of hours of pre-climb research conducted by the author in preparation for each climb. There is one chapter for each country in Central America. Each chapter highlights all of the information one will need to climb the highest peak in that country including: Basic mountain beta and a difficulty scale relative to the other Central American country high points; Mountain overview - A brief overview of the peak and the climb itself without having to read all of the detail; Jumping off point - Information on how to reach the start of the climb, once you've arrived in the country; Description of the Standard Route; Essential items and equipment that you shouldn't forget; Local guides - While many of these mountains do not require a guide, a few do, and for these, some advice is offered; Estimated cost to climb - It helps to have a ball-park idea of how much money it will take to climb each peak once you've arrived in the country;Each chapter also includes interesting and quirky information about each country in Central America. High Points: A Climber's Guide to Central America offers lots of interesting information that gives you something to read and mull over while you're riding a &quote;chicken bus&quote; through rural Honduras on your way to climb Cerro de las Minas, or while laying in your hammock on the route to Doyle's Delight in Belize. When climbing or adventuring in any country, it is important to both respect local culture and customs, and to remember at all times, that you are a guest and visitor to the country. Climbing in other countries expands our view of the world, and helps us to experience the values and traits that we all share as fellow world citizens. Here are some of the interesting tidbits that can be found in each chapter: An Interest and Intrigue Scale - This scale includes some of the things that make each climb interesting; Local foods that you have to try - Every climber spends a lot of time thinking about food, before, during and after a climb. This section identifies the local specialties of each country; Brief Country Overview and Indigenous Languages; Recreation and Tourist Attractions - Options for places to visit before or after your climb; Interesting facts and claims to fame - a bit of trivia will give every climber some