Higher Education Reconceived

  • Texas Christian University Press,U.S.
  • 2009
  • Paperback
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  • 9780875653914

In ""Higher Education Reconceived: A Geography of Change"", authors Sherrie Reynolds and Toni Craven examine the process of change in higher education as they engage the reader in conversation about how we relate to ourselves and to one another. They draw on modern and post-modern elements of higher education as well as personal narratives to address personal change, emergent change, and changing ideas about learning, curriculum, and communities of learning. The traditional view in higher education is that teaching causes learning. However, these authors assess how, as our ideas of student learning, research, and disciplines have developed, our understanding of teaching has evolved as well. Throughout, the authors intimate a sense of the spiritual in the processes of teaching and learning. This holistic volume encourages meditation on the multidimensional journey of teaching and learning, sheds new light on current paradigms of education, and presents ways of living together in a pluralistic and globally connected world. Opening each chapter with a labyrinth illustration to depict the winding and porous nature of the topic, this book should find a place on every educator's bookshelf. As teacher-scholars together discover a new understanding of higher education fit for our times, they should never forget that - as Reynolds put it - 'Being a university professor is a sacred trust'.

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