How to Become a Chief Financial Officer in the Boardroom and in the Bedroom

Af Bailey & Tunita
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  • 2013
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  • 9781613395202

Are you ready to win in the boardroom and in the bedroom? Winning in the boardroom (or office) and in the bedroom (keeping your husband satisfied) takes work - yes, work! This new and relevant book will teach you the principles to transform your attitude, a boring sex life and a complaining spirit to one that embraces life and expects joy. Change your life from &quote;just barely getting by&quote; to thriving and let Tunita Bailey, Real Estate Professional and Financial Life Coach, show you how. You will learn: - How to Create a Vision That Works - How to Fight, Fear and Win - How to Create the Three S's System: Sit Down, Shut Up & Serve - How to Manage Romances and Finances - How to identify the Dream Killers - How to Be Lifted & Fly with Eagles ...and Much More! Let Tunita show you how to get control of your life's vision and work it until you win! &quote;How to Become Chief Financial Officer in the Boardroom and the Bedroom&quote; has opened my eyes and renewed my commitment to be the best me -woman, wife and mother - I can be. I loved it!&quote; - Kathy M., Dallas, TX. It's time to turn your passion and purpose into progress...personally and professionally.