How To Become A Product Demonstrator

  • First Edition Design Publishing
  • 2016
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  • 9781506900919

When I retired if didn't long to be bored. So I decided to find a job that wasn't too paid and still let me earn some money. The main requirement was it had to be fun. I started out doing mystery shops which were fun except for the paper work and low pay. I had done demonstrations of all kinds of products when I was younger and on the fair and carnival circuit or in the off season in home shows and swap meets. While I was searching I kept coming across ads for product demonstrators. I found that I wouldn't have to travel much and could work when I wanted. The starting pay wasn't that great but I didn't need the money as much as I needed a purpose which I enjoyed. A little over 5 years ago I started as a food and product demonstrator. This was a fun job but standing for up to 6 hours became a struggle the older I got. About 3 years ago I transitioned over to alcohol demonstrations which paid better and I only have to stand for 4 hours. During the time I've been doing demonstrations I noticed the high turnover. Having been doing this for along time I thought that if people knew more about the job would be more prepared to not be so unreliable. I decided to write a book detailing all the available jobs, where they were, what was required for them and how to find a job.