How to Investigate Damp

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2020
  • Hardback
  • 312
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  • 9780367434939

The aim of this book is to take the reader by the hand and show them exactly how to carry out various inspection techniques to identify the causes of damp in buildings. This is achieved by taking them through a variety of investigation methods using real-life case studies illustrated by dozens of sketches, drawings and photographs - and considerable insight into how investigations can be conducted on site - and also including most importantly the Client's input and perspective on a damp issue.

Written in non-technical language by a leading expert and author on damp, the book begins by outlining the common types and phases of an investigation, the equipment required and the nature of potential remedial work. Case studies then cover condensation, penetrating damp, plumbing and roof leaks, below ground moisture and damp bridging - and some innovative remedies installed by the author himself. The final section contains step by step guidance on procedures such as using a humidity box, inspecting a cavity wall, using a damp meter and extracting and testing a plaster sample for salt content.

The book is full of hints and tips developed over a career spent investigating, diagnosing and remediating damp issues and is essential reading for surveyors looking to improve their skills and knowledge of this often complex defect. The book will also be very useful for homeowners trying to self-diagnose, and architects, engineers and other professionals who need to gain insight into common problem caused by moisture imbalance in buildings.

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