How to Make Big Buck$ Bartending at Private Partie$

Af Prince & Steven
  • 2014
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  • 9781312094253

What every bartender should know about making Private Parties Lucrative! Tip$ and Techniques that will give you the experience that will put you on the TOP of the Private Party Bartending stage! Everything you need to know in order to become the skillful and 'Back by Popular Demand' Bartender! In my eBook, &quote;How To Make Big Buck$ Bartending At Private Partie$&quote; You will learn:*The difference between private party bartending and bartending ina bar*Different parties and themes*How to negotiate the price by asking the right questions and adding value first*Setting up your bar and drink list*The one lucrative $kill you must learnAnd much moreThis guide is packed with step by step information to get you earning from the moment you pour your first party drink. This guide teaches you exactly what you need to know to avoid the things that cause other bartenders to slip, slide and fail.