Hues of Karnataka

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  • 2012
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  • 9789810741686

This guide takes you through an exhilarating journey through Karnataka - one of India's most vibrant states. Expect an Kaleidoscope of Sights and Experiences. -- Why Get This Guide? --* Highlights the major destinations* Offers practical and tried and tested tips* Gives an insight into not just sightseeing, but the culture of the state-- Inside This Guide --* The 78 most representative destinations in Karnataka, to give you a taste of the best in the state, to suit all tastes* Detailed descriptions of world heritage sites and others highlighting art and architecture, with historical and religious significance* Glimpses of the rich wildlife* Lesser known destinations, like the Sakrebylu elephant camp* Focuses not only on sightseeing, but insights into the rich culture and traditions, unique festivals and special handicrafts* Recommendations for accommodation for the average tourist, with an emphasis on attractive, eco-friendly options* List of a range of activities* Practical tips on topics like travel, safety, food and shopping* A list of handy phrases to facilitate communication* Useful links to relevant sites* Updated information, cross checked as best as possible with local and concerned authorities* Candid, authentic photographs, no touch ups!-- About the Author --Nita Mukherjee is a professional freelance writer who enjoys writing about her experiences, among other things. Her frequent travels in Karnataka and close interactions with the locals inspired this guide in an attempt to share some of the fascinating facets and spirit of her favorite state! -- About GuideGecko --This guide is brought to you by GuideGecko. We publish worldwide travel guides, and our guides are independently researched and written by professional travel writers. You read 'til here? Now enjoy your trip. Get this guide!