Human Performance, Workload, and Situational Awareness Measures Handbook, Third Edition - 2-Volume Set

  • CRC Press
  • 2019
  • 388
  • eng
  • 3
  • 9780429672736

This two-volume set was developed to help researchers and practitioners select measures to be used in the evaluation of human/machine systems. It can also be used to supplement classes at both the undergraduate and graduate courses in ergonomics, experimental psychology, human factors, human performance, measurement, and system test and evaluation. Volume 1 of the handbook begins with an overview of the steps involved in developing a test to measure human performance, workload, and/or situational awareness. This is followed by a definition of human performance and a review of human performance measures. Situational Awareness is similarly treated in a subsequent chapter. Volume 2 presents a definition of workload and a review of workload measures.Provides a short engineering tutorial on experimental designOffers readily accessible information on human performance, workload, and situational awareness (SA) measuresPresents general description of the measureCovers data collection, reduction, and analysis requirementDetails out the strengths and limitations or restrictions of each measure, including any known proprietary rights or restrictions, as well as validity and reliability data