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I Love the Word Impossible


Millions of readers have been encouraged to dream big and believe that with God, they too, can make a difference in their world. Ann Kiemel dares to be utterly transparent, trusting God with seemingly impossibly situations in her second best-selling book. i love the word impossible because my God believes in adventure and extraordinary mountains, and He dares to be alive in a world crawling with terrible situations. He promises to be bigger than any impossibility because He is love… and love always finds a way through, in time. Some consider Ann Kiemel to be one of the most authentic voices in the Christian Community. Others regard her as a best-selling Author of seventeen books, many of which have been passed on as inspirational classics over the past three decades. “Ann Kiemel is one of the most talented and gifted communicators in the Christian world… deep in her faith, coupled with one of the most winsome personalities I have seen.”—Charles Colson

75,00 kr.

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