Impact of the Gripen Offset Agreement on the Hungarian Economy

Af Lazar & Zsolt
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  • 2015
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  • 9781483556611

The biggest and most controversial offset programme in Hungary was the one connected with the acquisition of the Swedish Gripen jetfighters. The primary topic of the research is the influence of the Hungarian Gripen offset agreement on the domestic economy and its potential in terms of economic development, technology transfer and other benefits during the programme period. Moreover the research evaluates the implementation of the offset programme through various economic measures, contrasting it with other successfully completed offset programmes as well as distinguishing the true economic outcome and benefits from those which are presented by the media. This research will address and seek to answer the following questions:How has the Hungarian economy benefited from the Gripen offset programme? How did Hungary utilize the available resources and opportunities during the contract period? What was the nature of the changes that took place during the 10-year programme and what were the effects of these changes? Compared to the Czech programme, what were the main differences in economic terms?