Individual, Relational, and Contextual Dynamics of Emotions

Af Petitta & Laura
  • Emerald Publishing Limited
  • 2018
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  • 9781787548442

This volume of Research on Emotions in Organizations contributesto the ongoing study of the emotion-related forces that shape the functioning of individual, interpersonal workplace relationships and the organizationalsystem as a whole. The chapters in this book demonstrate the complex interplaybetween emotion, cognitive processes, brain functioning and contextual factorsthat contribute to a better understanding of organizational behavior atmultiple levels of workplace life and in the context of a fast-paced, uncertainand dynamically changing work environment. Taken together, they provide recent advances on the dynamics of emotions and point to future researchvenues consistent with the increasing interest in cross-country investigationand the role of neuroscience in organizational psychology.This volume isorganized in three parts to provide coverage of the latest developments in eachof the following areas: micro-level self-related dynamicsof emotions; relational-centered dynamics of emotions; and emotional dynamics related to macro contextual factors.