Inn Your Home

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  • 2012
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  • 9781623098100

Charlie Yzaguirre and Tim McCormick live in two-bedroom apartments about a mile apart in North Park, San Diego, CA. For different reasons, they each decided to start running a bed and breakfast out of their spare bedrooms using Airbnb. Together they have logged over four hundred room nights, earning over sixteen thousand dollars, and have dealt with everything from overflowing toilets to problematic guests. In this book, they share their wisdom and experience with shortcuts, coping mechanisms, and helpful hints about running a bed and breakfast. Home-based bed and breakfast isn't a new business, but through San Francisco based Airbnb, it's changing worldwide. USA Today reported in July of 2012 that Airbnb &quote;now has some 200,000 active listings in 25,000 cities and 192 countries,&quote; and Business Insider reported in March of 2012 that, &quote;Peer to peer housing rental site Airbnb was on fire last yearnights booked were up approximately 500 percent.&quote;If renting out your space is something you've been considering, or if you are already doing it and want to see what others are doing, Tim and Charlie are here to help. They offer step by step instructions, ways to cut costs, help with making the best use of the Airbnb website, and notes on how to deal with issues like cultural differences, and feeling safe. They also can help you to decide if this is right for you. Come and see what everyone is talking about, and let Tim and Charlie be the first to welcome you to the Airbnb community of hosts!