Innovation in Small Construction Firms

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2006
  • Hardback
  • 10
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  • 9780415393904

Innovation in Small Construction Firms promotes the benefits of innovation, and stimulate innovation capability within and between small and medium sized (SMEs) construction firms in an effort to bring in a new 'can innovate, should innovate, want to innovate' culture to the construction industry. Presenting new theoretical and practical insights and models grounded in descriptive case studies, the issues addressed include:

what is the motivation to innovate?
what is appropriate innovation?
how can small construction firms create, manage and exploit innovation?
what practice-based models, tools and techniques support the capability of small construction firms to innovate well?
how does this fit in the context of leading international work in construction innovation?

Findings are contextualised in the broader literature to make them of relevance to policy makers, practitioners and researchers interested in small, project-based firms in general.

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