Integrated Sustainable Urban Water, Energy, and Solids Management

  • John Wiley & Sons P&T
  • 2020
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  • 9781119593669

A guide for urban areas to achieve sustainability by recovering water, energy, and solids Integrated Sustainable Urban Water, Energy, and Solids Management presents an integrated and sustainable system of urban water, used (waste) water, and waste solids management that would save and protect water quality, recover energy and other resources from used water and waste solids including plastics, and minimize or eliminate the need for landfills. The author—a noted expert on the topic—explains how to accomplish sustainability with drainage infrastructures connected to receiving waters that protect or mimic nature and are resilient to natural and anthropogenic stresses, including extreme events. The book shows how to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses to net zero level through water conservation, recycling, and generating blue and green energy from waste by emerging emission free technologies while simultaneously installing solar power on houses and wind power in communities. Water conservation and stormwater capture can provide good water quality for diverse applications from natural and reclaimed water to blue and green energy and other resources for use by present and future generations. This important book: Considers municipal solid waste as an ongoing source of energy and resources that will eliminate the need for landfills and can be processed along with used water Presents an integrated approach to urban sustainability Offers an approach for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by communities to net zero  Written for students, urban planners, managers, and waste management professionals, Integrated Sustainable Urban Water, Energy, and Solids Management is a must-have guide for achieving sustainable integrated water, energy, and resource recovery in urban areas.