The International Encyclopedia of Linguistic Anthropology

  • John Wiley & Sons Inc
  • 2020
  • Hardback
  • 2128
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  • 9781118786765

A unique, comprehensive four-volume reference work, representing the combined insights of the leading authorities in linguistic anthropology

Wiley Blackwell's International Encyclopedia of Linguistic Anthropology is a key scholarly reference for researchers working in linguistic anthropology, communication studies, education, psychology, and sociology, as well as those involved in language revitalization and other community and applied linguistics programs. The only encyclopedia of its kind, this field-encompassing work serves as an essential reference on the history, development, and modern advancements of the full field of linguistic anthropology. However, the encyclopedia is not limited to coverage of the standard canon, but rather is a forward-looking account of the field, addressing the latest-sometimes even controversial-issues in the discipline. With entries authored by leading international scholars, the encyclopedia's key areas of content include language, thought, and culture; language evolution, acquisition and socialization; language ideologies; speech communities; language, race, and ethnicity; multilingualism and globalization; performance and verbal arts; and literacy and schooling. This essential reference work:

Provides complete coverage of the field of linguistic anthropology
Covers subjects of both new and longstanding interest in the field
Includes over 300 entries by international experts
Stands as the only encyclopedia of its kind to provide an overview of the goals and scientific techniques in the field
Acts as an important resource for linguistic anthropologists, linguists, and other social scientists

In four comprehensive volumes comprising more than 300 unique entries, this encyclopedia offers authoritative coverage on the leading figures and major events in the development of linguistic anthropology, the theoretical frameworks behind contemporary practice, the methodologies and technologies of modern fieldwork, and the leading developments in new research.

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