International Perspectives on Creativity in the Foreign Language Classrooms

  • Nova Science Publishers Inc
  • 2020
  • Hardback
  • 316
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  • 9781536180855

This book aspires to provide a reflective and descriptive account of creative practices as well as research related to creativity from an international perspective. In particular, through a collection of 12 studies conducted in various countries and continents, an attempt is made to provide readers with creative examples of teaching practice and research incentives, as proposed and presented by the authors of this collected edition. The contributors of this book report and reflect on classroom practices that increase motivation, promote creative learning, heighten learners' creativity, enhance their learning potential and their multicultural sensitivity. They discuss challenges of applications in diverse contexts based on playful activities and stories that develop a creative learning environment in a foreign language classroom. Some other studies focus on multiple intelligences theory approach making students 'know' and 'apply' the appropriate behaviour and they present creative ways and multisensory approaches of approaching dyslexic students in a language classroom. The authors provide perspectives from different angles on the above mentioned issues demonstrating that multiliteracies practices, games, different art forms, popular-culture texts, digital storytelling and interactive activities could be effective tools in foreign language learning.

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