Before It's Too Late

Af Payne & Keith C
  • AuthorHouse UK
  • 2021
  • 660
  • eng
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  • 9781665593779

Before it's too lateWe listen to daily comments about climate change and the perils of Planetwarming. We've heard of the climatic disasters and wildfires driven by theever-increasing winds and drought in Australia!And now we're hearing other countries are suffering torrential rainfall, anincreasing number of cyclones, destructive winds and abnormally high tides,drought where drought has never existed, increased snow levels, coveringeverything in sight! And, of course, intolerable heat with the temperaturesregularly increasing to crisis levels! We often hear the news reports or talkabout our concerns with predictable insight, but do we truly understandwhat's happening to our planet?Please don't believe in coincidences - because they're not! If you wish toknow and understand whether we are now on the coalface of climate change,please read my novel, Before it's too late. Keith C Payne